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Good Year
416 Central Ave, JERSEY CITY, NJ 07307

C1. Little Bit of Every Things $11.95
Chicken, beef, shrimp, scallops, squid & pork w. assorted vegetable.
C2. Excellent Spring Chicken $10.95
Tender and juicy white meat chicken marinade in Chef’s special sauce.
C3. Crispy Prawns Seven Flavor Hot $11.95
Jumbo shrimp lightly fried to crispy in chef’s best spicy recipe.
C4. Crispy Honey Chicken $10.95
Crispy white meat chicken in home made special honey sauce.
C5. Bean Curd with Eight Precious $10.95
Braised bean curd w. shrimp, chicken, beef, pork and mixed Veg. in oyster sauce.
C6. Rainbow Chicken Shrimp $11.95
Chicken, shrimp, stir fried w. colorful vegetable in special white wine sauce.
C7. House Steak $12.95
Tender steak served w. Chinese veg. in home made steak sauce.
C8. Shrimp Peking Style $11.95
Shrimp mixed w. garlic, ginger, scallion over a bed of flat noodle excellent taste.
C9. Basil Double Delight Hot $11.95
Beef, chicken sauteed w. fresh veg. in spicy basil sauce.
C10. XO Special Hot $11.95
Mixed seafood sauteed w.sunshine green veg in xo sauce.
C11. Ho yau Wonton Chicken $10.95
Sliced chicken w. home made wonton mixed w. assorted veg in oyster sauce. The best flavor.
C12. Supper Trio $12.95
Beef, chicken, shrimps in ginger scallion sauce
C13. Imperial Chicken Hot $10.95
Chunks of Crispy Chicken in Hunan Special Sauce
C14. Szechuan Triple Crown Hot $11.95
Shredded Beef, Chicken, Baby Shrimp w. Mixed Veg in Szechuan Sauce.
C15. Four Precou w. Spinach $12.95
Chicken Beef, Scallop, Baby Shrimp in Light Brown Sauce w. Spinach
C16. Hawaiian Steak $11.95
C17. Honey Couple $12.95
Crispy Chicken & Beef in Special Honey Sauce
C18. Spicy Fried Calanmari Hot $9.95
C19. Boneless Duck $12.95
C20. Crispy Chicken Seven Flavor Hot $10.95
C21. Beef and Chicken in Garlic Sauce Hot $10.95
C22. Shrimp & Chicken Hunan Style Hot $11.95
C23. Crispy Sesame Chicken $8.95
C24. Orange Chicken Hot $8.95
C25. General Tso’s Chicken Hot $8.95
C26. Orange Beef Hot $10.95
C27. Crispy Prawn w. Walnut $11.95
C28. Crispy Sesame Prawn $11.95
C29. Steak in Thai Style Hot $11.95
C30. Ho Yau Wonton Shrimp $11.95
C31. Mango Chicken $12.95
C32. Peking Duck Half(5pcs) $13.95
C33. California Chicken Hot $9.75
C34. Paradise Chicken Hot $9.75
C35. Mongolian Beef Hot $10.25
C36. Double “Q” Hot $12.95